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Two internationally-recognized play environment safety standards are namely ASTM F1487 and EN 1176. In face of recent situation that play equipment can be sourced around the world, our Play Environment Safety Consultants, certified with both CPSI (US) and RPII (EN), are capable of applying the two standards to provide professional judgement on the safety issues of a playground/playroom. 

Contact us now if you need:

  • Safety audit of an existing playground/playroom

  • Post-installation safety inspection of a newly-developed/renovated playground/playroom  

  • Play environment safety certification in compliance with ASTM F 1487 and/or EN 1176 for a newly-developed/renovated playground/playroom



A good play area should have high play values to children without compromising safety. To develop distinctive play areas, flexible application of different standards as well as experience in children's play behaviors are both necessary. Play Safe's only business is on play environment safety and we can provide you the most practical advices to make the play value and safety of a play area balance. 

Contact us now if you need 

  • An independent safety adviser to collaborate for developing a new play area

  • Safety assessment and endorsement of the design proposal of a new playground/playroom

  • Development of operation plan / safety guidelines / routine inspection checklist of a playground/playroom



We provide professional training services to people who are working on children’s play environment such as architects, playground designers, managers of a playground/playroom, etc. Different audiences on different settings have different focuses in relation to play environment safety. Play Safe can custom-made a training workshop which most suits to your needs. 

Contact us now if you need a training proposal on 

  • Outdoor playground safety standards and guidelines

  • Safety requirements for developing a safe playroom

  • Work knowledge on routine safety inspection for a playground/playroom

  • Safety concerns in developing a new playground/playroom

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